0:01:07 Generation MF Demission Verticale Mix
0:01:39 Walk Mix by Ethereal
0:02:24 Mystere's I Must Go Because I Love You Edit
0:02:46 Ikkyusan's The Male Version
0:02:47 Pet Shop Boys vs. MF - Comme J'ai (Mini)Mal by QT
0:02:49 Ethan Remix
0:02:52 Ikkyusan's The Gonze Version
0:03:00 Johnny vs MF - J'ai Mal Marie - I have A Lot Of Pain Lady Delf's Lol Mix
0:03:03 DJ Sam Fox Mix Edit
0:03:10 Mystere's I Must Go Because I Love You Remix
0:03:15 CRJ's New Wave Remix 2006 Remaster
0:03:18 CRJ's New Wave Remix 2006
0:03:18 CRJ's New Wave Remix 2006 Instrumental
0:03:19 MF vs 2Pac vs Madonna vs IV My People by Belmag
0:03:28 Ascencion Of The Spirit Mix by Ni.Co.La.S.
0:03:33 The Fallen Angel Mix by Wouf
0:03:35 Ligeia's Upside Down Vocal Remix Edit
0:03:38 Manu Remix
0:03:40 Sullivann U And I Mix
0:03:44 Alex Ekian Remix
0:03:46 Princker Edit
0:03:48 Popmix Version Live by Belmag
0:03:49 Car J'ai Mal by Ligeya
0:03:50 DiGital's Come To The ExtatYque Travel Remix - Radio Edit
0:03:51 Soul's Cover Vocal Version
0:03:53 Acoustic Sweet Version by Toy
0:03:55 Altzepengmix by Ikkyusan
0:03:55 Cory's Sweet Pain Remix
0:03:55 Demo
0:03:57 Je Bascule A L'eau 2 par Polyedre
0:03:58 Keyan's Single Edit
0:04:00 Glam Break Beat Mix
0:04:02 Painkiller Soul's Edit
0:04:05 Je Bascule A L'eau par Polyedre
0:04:07 Iks Classic Bonus Beat
0:04:07 S.-Jee's Suffering Edit
0:04:07 Relieved Remix by Xeyran
0:04:09 Bunnyz Fall Down Mix
0:04:10 MF vs RoBERT - Mashup MiX by Diaporama-Studio
0:04:10 Amd Fade To Grey Mash Remix
0:04:11 Wanderlust Unvergessen Remix
0:04:11 Cedric's Antalgic Remix for Lisa Loup - New Version
0:04:12 Cedric's Antalgic Remix for Lisa Loup
0:04:17 Annaxellamun Remix
0:04:20 Notoubad GG Mix
0:04:21 Mael's Mix
0:04:24 80's Retro Toy Version
0:04:24 MF vs Maxime Le Forestier - CJM vs Ne Quelque Part par Ligerio
0:04:28 Wanderlust For Tonight Remix
0:04:30 S.-Jee's Suffering Dub
0:04:36 Annaxellamun Remix Edit
0:04:37 Trendsetter aka Mark Holiday Futuristic Dubstep Remix
0:04:38 Pain Lover Deranged Mix
0:04:40 LyoHa Remix by Alex 74
0:04:48 Ethan's Pain Mix
0:04:56 80's Retro Toy Mix
0:04:58 Mick's No Painless Remix
0:04:59 MF vs Lady Gaga - Comme J'Ai Mal & Speechless Mashup MiX by Diaporama-Studio
0:04:59 Dark Eon Psycho Pain Radio Remix
0:04:59 Soul's Cover Version
0:05:05 MF vs Moby EleXir's Sun-Day Mix
0:05:07 DJ Nicuum Extended Club Mix
0:05:15 Le Remix Qui Fait Mal By Teknojames
0:05:17 Bannane's Instrumix
0:05:20 MF vs MF - Rever Mix by Gabrielle Flur
0:05:29 MF vs The White Stripes - Amd Mash Remix
0:05:33 Mano With B. B. Mix
0:05:33 Mystere's Horizontal Remix
0:05:36 Mystere's I Leave In Clouds JM-J Remix
0:05:37 Dark Remix by Annaxellamun
0:05:39 Delivrance Remix by Yllan
0:05:39 Tchek'No Remix 2013 by DJ LX
0:05:45 Axl C.'s Melancholia Mix
0:05:46 DJ Sam Fox Mix
0:05:55 Teknojames Remix 1
0:05:57 Around The World Remix - MF vs Daft Punk
0:06:01 Massacre Mix
0:06:03 Axl is Broken Mix
0:06:04 Slim & Mantovani Overseas Vocal Mix by Ligeia
0:06:05 AMD 2007 Alienz Remix
0:06:08 Vicky's In Love With Morten On T.V. Amd Remix
0:06:09 Joe Slim & Pascal Mantovani Overseas Dub Remix
0:06:15 Soul's A Bobo Mix
0:06:17 80's Extended Retro Toy Version
0:06:18 Relieved Extended Remix by Xeyran
0:06:23 Orbital Remix by Skyler
0:06:24 Keyan's Extended Remix
0:06:26 Sirenix Remix by Teknojames
0:06:29 DiGital's Come To The ExtatYque Travel Remix - Dubstrumental
0:06:32 DJ Greg's Party All The Time Mix
0:06:32 Idaho's Black Star Mix
0:06:36 MF vs Hazem Beltagui - DJ Stunter Mashup
0:06:38 EleXir's X-Tra Damage Mix
0:06:38 Kev1's Horizontal Remix
0:06:38 Razormaid Remix
0:06:45 Ligeia's Suffering Mix
0:06:48 Ligeia's Upside Down Vocal Remix
0:06:51 Patrick Wolf's Suicide Mix
0:06:54 DJ Z.N.K Remix
0:06:56 DiGital's Come To The ExtatYque Travel Remix - Scalpel Version
0:06:58 Moby vs J. Timberlake vs MF - Sexyback by B. Deelux
0:07:03 Doudou's Extended Traumatism Mix
0:07:05 DJ Band's Re-Extended
0:07:08 Steph's Extended Underground Re-Mix
0:07:09 Axl C.'s Rends-Moi Mes Larmes Mashup
0:07:09 Ligeia's Classic 12'' Remix
0:07:10 DJ Band's Extended
0:07:17 Visage vs MF - Fade To Grey Extended Mash Remix by Amd
0:07:25 S.-Jee's Suffering Club Mix - MegaREmix Version
0:07:35 Re-Mix 2002 by DeeJay Mikl
0:07:52 IdAiMyLaNer's Crying Out In The Shadow Remix
0:08:08 Phylene's Simple Extended
0:08:12 Upside Killer Remix by MisschuUps
0:08:29 Instrumental CnP Mix by Rob
0:08:33 Dark Eon Club Mix
0:08:41 S.-Jee's Suffering Club Mix
0:08:53 Extended Xaylor Club Mix
0:09:12 Ricounet's Fall Over Horizontal Instrumental Remix
0:09:18 DiGital's Come To The ExtatYque Travel Remix - Extended Version
0:09:49 Long Lament CnP Mix by Rob