0:01:44 La Ronde Psychiatric Sullivann Army Mix
0:02:05 Radi-O-Tomy Edit
0:02:31 Sullivann's Feeling Mix
0:02:48 Sullivann Attack Mix
0:02:48 Sadness On The Dancefloor Remix by Teknojames
0:02:49 Patrick Wolf's Techno Mix
0:03:03 Theme From La Ronde Triste by Amd
0:03:06 IdAiMyLaNer's My Super Heroe Mix
0:03:38 I Feel Deranged Remix
0:03:41 Yes Ikkyusan Is Just Bored Mix
0:03:57 The I LOVE U Try
0:04:01 Mr. Daloway Melancolique Remix
0:04:06 Instrumental
0:04:19 Wouf's Lovely And Sad Mix
0:04:35 MK Remix
0:04:50 Elexir's Round Wolves Dub
0:04:50 Elexir's Round Wolves Mix
0:04:58 Sad Siren Deranged Remix
0:05:11 Put Your Hands Up Remix by Teknojames
0:05:30 Extended Dance Mix
0:05:39 Lady Delf's Acid Love Mix
0:05:52 I Feel Deranged Remix Extended
0:05:55 Mr Teaser's RÍve Triste Remix
0:06:19 Chyld Lake Mix
0:06:54 IdAiMyLaNer's 2 Times As Much Love Remix
0:07:09 Wouf's Lovely And Sad Extended Mix
0:07:42 Norma Remains Maxi Remix by CRJ & Xeyran
0:07:44 Phylene's Simple Extended for Frakaja
0:08:53 Ligeia's Classic 12'' Remix