0:02:59 Synthe by DeweyWilkerson Version 2
0:03:01 Synthe by DeweyWilkerson
0:04:06 RiWa Mix
0:04:07 Plus De Piano Ikkyusan Mix
0:04:47 Idaho's Heartbeat Edit
0:04:48 Steph's 1st Edit
0:04:48 DJ After Dark's Club Mix
0:04:49 Dirtee Rephlex Remix
0:04:53 Kick-i's String For Lost Love Remix
0:04:56 Arackiem Version
0:05:08 Lesexfort's Remix
0:05:13 Mr. Dalloway's First Love Mix
0:05:14 by Jeffgau
0:05:18 MF vs Celine Dion - Mashup MiX V2 by Diaporama-Studio
0:05:21 DJ After Dark's Full Vocal Mix
0:05:22 Black Electric Mix by Teknojames
0:05:25 FragILVocal Mix
0:05:27 Wouf's Club Remix
0:05:29 Symphonique Version avec voix by Kick-i
0:05:29 Symphonique Version sans voix by Kick-i
0:05:30 Synthe par Nonostou
0:05:31 Jennifer's Extended Remix
0:05:32 Classic Bonus Beat by Woodstock
0:05:32 Version-Karaoke-Fr avec choeurs
0:05:33 Speed Up Remix
0:05:33 Version Karaoke Fr
0:05:34 Remix By Amd
0:05:35 Sandy's Version Piano
0:05:37 MF vs DJ Bobo - DJ Band's Celebrate Planet Electric Mix
0:05:40 IdAiMyLaNer's Sweet Version
0:05:43 Echo Classique by Leptprince
0:05:43 Iks.D Dark Boost Club Remix
0:05:44 Steph Goes to Rio Reverse Mix
0:05:45 MF vs Celine Dion - Mashup MiX by Diaporama-Studio
0:05:49 Instrumental Remix by Dark Eon
0:05:54 MF vs Michael Jackson - Revoir le visage de Ben by Dirtee Rephlex
0:06:11 Rox Miss Rouky Deranged Remix
0:06:14 IdAiMyLaNer's House Remix
0:06:19 Steph's Extended Mix
0:06:21 Cedric's Sweet Vibe
0:06:56 Idaho's Heartbeat Mix
0:07:08 D-jO Extended Remix
0:07:12 One Hand Change Mix by Ikkyusan
0:07:16 Remix by Clement
0:07:30 DJ Band's Extended
0:07:31 Like a Cigarette Burns At La Chapelle deranged Remix (Part I & II)
0:07:35 Cedric's Wandering Club Remix
0:07:35 Pwp! 4fun2 Remix
0:07:36 Like Tears In The Rain Mix by Lostboy
0:07:40 Club Mix by myEvidance
0:07:48 MF vs Modern Talking - New Mix Extended by DJ Susu Ch
0:07:54 Steph's Extended Strings
0:08:01 Idaho's Holy Rose Mix
0:08:06 Maxi Mix by Dark Eon
0:08:55 Cedric's Lost Heart House Remix
0:09:01 Extended De La Folie by Mael
0:10:03 Disconsolate DouČ's Remix Club
0:10:25 Phylene's Simple Extended
0:12:37 Remember My Face Extended Remix By VitMyl